Entry Point North’s ATSEP training highlighted at Tech Ops Summit

On 4 June 2019, our CEO Ms. Anne Kathrine Jensen spoke at the Tech Ops Summit in Oklahoma (U.S.A), organised by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), about the way we conduct ATSEP training. With this year’s theme “Leveraging Mobility,” the focus of the summit laid on ways to work together to transform training using 21st century tools to aid in preparing the FAA’s workforce. Topics of the programme were modernizing training with tools and technology including hands-on demonstrations, ideas to address barriers to training, training standards, and paths to certification.

We have been training ATSEPs since 2011. All courses are compliant with the new Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/373 Annex XIII, subpart A, as well as the recommended training objectives for initial training to the ICAO DOC 10057, Manual on Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel Competency-based Training and Assessment of 2017. Furthermore we are developing the Infrastructure and Engineering courses to meet all training objectives as stated in the 10057 manual. We offer open ATSEP courses which follow a standard programme or if desired we create a course that is customized to the client’s needs.

Our success in ATSEP training is determined by WHAT we train and HOW we train. WHAT we train is the theoretical knowledge or the practical skills that a student needs to obtain. Here it is important to be in close contact with the customer for us to really understand their specific needs. HOW we train is where we differentiate ourselves from other academies. We use a variety of proven-to-be-successful methods, based on our unique training philosophy.