AFIS Seminar 2010

  • Event date
    21 - 22 Sep 2010
  • Location
    Malmö, Sweden

AFIS Seminar 2010

We had the pleasure of hosting the AFIS seminar: “AFIS today!” on the 21 – 22 September 2010.

The seminar offered the participants the chance to exchange experience and disseminate best practice within the different AFIS-operators in Europe. Our objective has been to create the an environemnt to bring together professionals from the aviation industry and to generate discussions and ideas regarding AFIS.

The topics of the seminar included:

  • The upcoming Eurocontrol guidelines for Aerodrome flight information service,
  • Experiences from the use of ATS surveillance systems/radars,
  • Information about the Aerodrome Resource Management concept for AFIS aerodromes,
  • Information about AFIS throughout Europe, SMS, initial and refresher/development training.

The seminar was held at our academy at Malmö Airport, Sweden.