AFIS Seminar 2013

  • Event date
    9 Apr - 9 May 2013
  • Location
    Malmö, Sweden

AFIS Seminar 2013

The international AFIS seminar was a recurring event for the AFIS community. For many years it has brought together more than 50 AFIS operators, national CAA officers and managers from different countries throughout the world. It had proven to be an excellent opportunity to actively share the latest news, developments and best practices while generating professional discussions and new ideas.

Which subjects did the AFIS seminar 2013 cover?

  • AFIS throughout the world with focus on AFIS in France and Poland;
  • Remote Tower. Experiences from implementation, training and operational use in Norway;
  • AFIS Phraseology – interactive workshop;
  • AFIS and AFISO associations develoment in UK;
  • The future of aviation navigation equipment.

A big ‘thank you’ to all the participants for making this seminar a success again!