ATSEP Workshop 2013

  • Event date
    24 - 25 Apr 2013
  • Location
    Malmö, Sweden

ATSEP Workshop 2013

During 24 – 25 April, we had the pleasure of hosting the first international workshop on ATSEP Training. More than 25 participants from 14 countries attended the event. There were participants from Airports, CNS operators, International ATSEP organisations plus ANSPs and the workshop was evaluated as a great success. The aim of the workshop was to broaden the knowledge on ATSEP training and on the upcoming regulations and to share best practices between different organisations in the world.

The agenda included:

  • Presentation of participants
  • EASA draft rules for ATSEP (Ken Engelstad, EASA)
  • “Grand Fathers Right” – group work
  • Certification of ATSEP – group work
  • Entry Point North presentation of ATSEP training
  • Plans for future ATSEP Training – group work
  • Course length versus course content depth
  • E-learning versus classroom training – advantages and disadvantages
  • Future challenges for ATSEP Training

We strongly believe that this workshop broadened the knowledge on ATSEP training and provided new ideas and inspiration to bring back home.

Thanks to all the participants for making this event a great success!