Development Training Workshop 2014

  • Event date
    16 - 17 Oct 2014
  • Location
    Budapest, Hungary

Development Training Workshop 2014

It is increasingly recognised that student training is a complex process that extends beyond the ab-initio segment to incorporate the On-the-Job Training phase. Successful training ensures that operational safety is achieved cost-effectively. Student success rate is highly influenced by and vastly dependent upon the training and assessment philosophy within the organisation.

The Development Training Workshop 2014 primarily addressed the important operational relation between the initial training of students and the education of both On-the-Job Training Instructors and Competence Assessors. It showcased the value of development training and presented the benefits which an organisation can gain by implementing a modern training and assessment philosophy. Drawing on the expertise and practical experience of a broad range of Air Navigation Services Providers, the seminar also focused on upcoming regulatory requirements and the latest developments in training theory.

The agenda included:

  • Instructor and assessor requirements from the perspective of the new regulation on ATCO licensing (Zsuzsanna Erdélyi, ATM Rulemaking Officer, EASA)
  • Training tools (Anne-Mette Petri, Development Specialist, Entry Point North)
  • Case study (Michael Södersved, NUAC, ATCC Stockholm)
  • Group work and presentation
  • Case study (Daniel Melkvi and Gábor Vass, HungaroControl)
  • Competence assessment: affirmation of competence or a tool for further development? (Anne-Mette Petri, Development Specialist, Entry Point North)

More than 40 operational professionals involved in ATM training and coming from 13 countries participated in the workshop. It created many fruitful discussions, experiences and sharing of best practices among different organisations.