Seminar 2015 ”The changing landscape of ATM Safety”

  • Event date
    26 - 27 May 2015
  • Location
    Malmö, Sweden

Seminar 2015 ”The changing landscape of ATM Safety”

On 26 – 27 May, more than 50 ATM Safety and Training professionals representing 15 countries gathered in the tallest Scandinavian building Turning Torso in Malmö. The purpose of the event was to discuss the upcoming regulations and changes within ATM Safety and to assist our partners in developing an understanding of how the future landscape of ATM may influence their own organisation. The seminar was honoured by many great speakers: recognised safety researchers, regulatory representatives, operational professionals etc.

Agenda topics included:

  • Rulemaking changes; what are they all about and why is there a need for change? (Mr Jyrki Paajanen, European Commission)
  • Safety assessment to changes to functional system in the provision of ATM/ANS services (Mr José L. Garcia-Chico Gomez, ATM/ANS Regulations Officer, EASA)
  • Operationalising Resilience Engineering (Dr Anthony Smoker, SESAR JU/IFATCA)
  • Air Transport Safety – a global perspective (Mr. Giancarlo Buono, Regional Director SFO – Europe, IATA)
  • Investigating unexpected outcomes in complex sociotechnical systems (Mr Össur Hilduberg, Head of Danish Maritime Accident Investigation Board)
  • Safety-I and Safety-II: Safety Analysis and Safety Synthesis (Prof. Erik Hollnagel, Ph.D.)
  • Safety-II; from theory to practice in a RWY Incursion Prevention Programme (Mrs Maria Lundahl, Flight Safety Coordinator, LFV)
  • Panel discussions
  • The way forward – interactive workshop

We would like to thank all the great speakers and participants for making this event a great success!