Seminar 2016 “Management of change”

  • Event date
    25 - 26 May 2016
  • Location
    Malmö, Sweden

Seminar 2016 “Management of change”

On 25-26, we hosted a Management of Change Seminar in Malmö, Sweden, with more than 40 ATM Training, Management and Safety professionals representing 10 European countries.

We chose to discuss ‘change’ this year, because it’s an inevitable part of safety critical industries like aviation and ATM. New technology, new regulations and new demands require organisations to adapt and adjust continuously. The seminar was honoured by many great speakers – research and operational experts in management of change area.

The event was opened by our CEO Mrs Anne Kathrine Jensen, who introduced Entry Point North’s 10 years’ journey and the amount of extensive changes the organisation has been through. Mr Sten Winther, Chief of Quality Safety Management at NUAC, presented his experience with various changes within the ATM environment, within NUAC, COOPANS and SESAR. His presentation was followed by Mr Matthieu Branlat, Senior Scientist at SINTEF (an independent research organisation in Scandinavia), with interesting insights on cyber security, resilience engineering and the impact on the air transport industry. Mrs Jeanette Hounsgaard, Deputy chef of “Center for Kvalitet”, introduced the participants into FRAM (Functional Resonance Analysis Method) and its main principles and benefits using several real life examples of changes implemented within the health care industry. Finally, Mr Endre Berntzen, Head of training at Widerøe, delivered his presentation on the airline experiences with managing changes. We closed the evening with an Entry Point North organised dinner in Malmö city centre, where the participants continued with informal discussions and networking.

Day 2 started with associate professor at Lund University, Mr Johan Bergström, and his presentation on “Empowerment, responsibilisation or abandonment; where are our safety strategies heading?”, followed by Mr Steven Shorrock from EUROCONTROL talking about several reasons for failures to implement changes within organisations and introducing James Martin’s Seven Samurai framework. New tendencies within the competence assessment in consonance with Safety-II were described by Entry Point North’s Development Specialist Mrs Anne-Mette Petri. The seminar ended with Mr Anders Halskov-Jensen and his entertaining sum up on why changes often fail and how to avoid it.

We would like to thank to all the great speakers and participants for making this event a great success!