Seminar 2017 “Continuation Training”

  • Event date
    25 - 26 Oct 2017
  • Location
    Malmö, Sweden

Seminar 2017 “Continuation Training”

In many organisations, Continuation Training has gradually become routine or perhaps even business as usual, due to a highly regulated framework and a firm reliance on procedural compliance. The variation and high rate of change within the operational conditions of our industry challenges the way we prioritise, manage and train our key resource – our employees. One may wonder, do our current practices actually enhance adaptive expertise and thus prepare us for the unexpected?

This and many other questions were discussed during Entry Point North’s Seminar on 25 – 26 October 2017, focusing on Continuation Training and hosting over 50 representatives from ANSPs, regulatory bodies and other organisations.

We opened the seminar by all participants introducing themselves and briefly presenting continuation training in their organisations, followed by a discussion about questions brought up by the national civil aviation authority representatives. Mrs Louise Groot Degner and Mrs Anna Lolk (both Heads of Training) presented the latest continuation training developments and new training ideas implemented by Naviair and NUAC. Mr Declan Cusack shared his experience with continuation training as a team leader at Entry Point North Ireland in his presentation “Continuation Training that makes a difference” and we closed the day with Mr Nicolai Bondo Rasmussen from Thomas Cook airline presenting the implementation of Evidence Based Training.

On day 2 we moved to the top floor of Scandinavia’s highest building, Turning Torso, looking at continuation training from a higher perspective. We started the morning with Mr Koen Luykx, Business Continuity Manager at Belgocontrol, who spoke about his experience from a real life crises during the March 2016 terror attack in Brussels. Our key note speaker, Prof. René Amalberti, challenged and inspired us with “Navigating safety, necessary compromises and trade-offs” and “Educating managers to safety arbitrations”, followed by lively discussions. We closed the day with Mr Jonas Jonsson, Managing Director of 4C Strategies, presenting his insights into assuring operational readiness and capability, and not just compliance.

We would like to thank all speakers and participants for making this event a great success and we are looking forward to seeing you at our next seminar!