On the first day of May Entry Point North Spain welcomed its first students to an APP and ACP course. After the students have completed the course, they will join ENAIRE in Spain. The course started in the classroom with two days of APP theory lessons delivered by Course Supervisor Michael Smith, who has worked for more than eight years as a Training Specialist at Entry Point North sites in Sweden, Denmark, Hungary and Ireland. Already on the third day the students moved from the classroom into the simulator for intensive practical training.

The courses at Entry Point North Spain will mainly use skilled remote pilots and the performance has been very positive, according to Michael. Having the pilots at a distance makes the experience more realistic and supports the students to become better prepared for the operational environment.

For the ACP part, Marie-Louise Wenngren, an operational controller from the Swedish ANSP, LFV, joined the team in Madrid. “It is exciting and challenging to teach in another country” - says Marie-Louise. “The students have a slightly different background and you need to be able to adapt your teaching to practices they are already accustomed to.”

Next course at Entry Point North Spain is an APS course starting in July, followed by an ACS and an APP/ACP course.

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