On September 2-3, Entry Point North hosted for the sixth time the International FISO Seminar. The event brought together (A)FIS operators, national CAA officers and managers from 18 different countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Italy, Indonesia, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

This year’s seminar looked into FIS throughout the world with a special focus on countries that haven’t been present in the previous AFIS/FISO Seminars – Canada and Italy. The participants’ presentations showed how diverse the development of FIS in the world is – it ranges from countries considering the introduction of FIS to others with more than 40 years of operational experience. The seminar opened with Mr. Paul Brown’s presentation of the newly formed International Flight Information Service Association (IFISA), the purpose behind its establishment and its main goals. Afterwards, the participants were also introduced into the concept of Safety II and pilot’s perspective on operations in FIS airspace. Day 2 of the seminar started with the latest developments in the EASA rule-making process presented by Mr. Fabio Grasso. It continued with a presentation on how to get funding for an airport and ended with a discussion on advantages of the X-band radar systems.

The event once again provided an excellent opportunity for participants to develop and learn from each other’s experience.

We would like to thank to all the participants for attending this year’s FISO Seminar and making it a great success. We hope to see you at the FISO Seminar 2016 on 7-8 September.