The focus on training for Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) has been steadily increasing during recent years and soon ATSEP training will become mandatory for organisations with CNS equipment in the EU. Entry Point North has been successfully delivering a complete solution for ATSEP training for various clients worldwide and nowadays recognises even greater demand. The courses are delivered in Malmö, Budapest and upon request on-site.

“In addition to several fully booked ATSEP Basic courses every year, we now regularly deliver ATSEP Qualification courses covering all 16 Qualification streams and Shared stream as well as OSTI and Assessor courses for ATSEP”

–  says Eva Håkansson, Client Manager at Entry Point North.

The EUROCONTROL Specifications for ATSEP training Common Core Content are quite detailed and despite the fact that the training is not yet mandatory in most countries, many safety critical organisations now realise the need and the benefits of the training that enhance the competences of its staff thus increasing the safety culture.

To develop and deliver an ATSEP training course for just a few participants on specific Qualification streams requires a diverse professional knowledge, competence and human resources. This is often not feasible within smaller organisations, which makes it very difficult for the organisations to provide ATSEP training themselves. Obviously it is a key driver why the organisations are looking to outsource ATSEP training to a qualified provider.

“Having a dedicated development department, an access to ATSEP specialised instructors worldwide and being able to combine several clients on our ATSEP courses, we are able to offer top quality and cost efficient ATSEP courses”

– says Eva.


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