In September and October, Entry Point North delivered tailor-made Rough Guide to ATC courses for Swedavia, major operator of airports in Sweden, and Safegate, international provider of safe-performance gate, tower and airfield solutions for airport operations.

Rough Guide to ATC is an introductory course designed for those having a professional interest in understanding the air traffic control environment – duties and responsibilities, equipment and technologies, working methods, phraseology and how air traffic control interacts with other roles within the aviation environment.

At Entry Point North clients are offered customised course content that meets their specific needs. For Safegate the course covered in greater detail such aspects as airport equipment, its use by air traffic controllers and effect on tower operations. Special emphasis was given to low visibility procedures, ramp operations and bottlenecks on aerodromes. Swedavia Bromma airport course included tailor-made content on how snow sweeping interacts with and affects the provision of both aerodrome and approach air traffic control services.

These introductory courses are 2-3 days in length and are beneficial to anyone unfamiliar with air traffic control operations whose work interfaces with an ATC environment. The standard course includes hands-on simulation exercises with course participants acting as air traffic controllers. It gives a great understanding of what it actually takes to control air traffic, make decisions and talk to pilots by radio using standard phraseology.

“I would highly recommend the course as it was an excellent way to get insights into the overall workings of an aerodrome”

– comments a recent participant from Safegate.

If you wish to know more about our Rough Guide to ATC course, please contact us at or read more here.