We have scheduled an Air Traffic Control Assistant/Basic Induction (ICAO 051) course to take place in Malmö (Sweden) from 30 March – 29 May 2020. The course is open for any business clients (Air Navigation Service Providers and other organisations) outside of Europe.

This eight-week course is designed to provide the students with a comprehensive introduction to Air Traffic Services in accordance with the (sub-)topics detailed in ICAO Annex 1. Additionally, students develop specific theoretical knowledge and skills in Air Traffic Services procedures and techniques. The theory is delivered in combination with hands-on simulator training. The course provides the essential base-knowledge needed for Rating training (Area, Approach and Tower control). Students also will learn the of importance of teamwork and the significance of human factors within the ATC environment.

Throughout the course we apply our unique training philosophy where the student is in focus at any time, which creates a positive training environment. Every student receives an iPad which contains all the training material, regulatory standards and other documents, as well as useful applications for studying.

For the full course description and to book a seat, please visit the Air Traffic Control Assistant/Basic Induction (ICAO 051) course page or contact us at sales@entrypointnorth.com