On 27 March – 7 April 2017 Entry Point North, for the first time, will be hosting the ICAO Training Developers Course at its academy in Malmö, Sweden. It has been an associate member of ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS since 2012 and Training Developers Course (TDC) is one of the core training activities of the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme.

The course is open to experienced civil aviation training instructors and aviation professionals who are working with the implementation of competency-based training programmes and development of courses according to international standards. It will provide guidance to training managers, supervisors and professionals who want to increase their productivity as developers of training and educational programs.

The course provides participants with advanced techniques for applying the Instructional Systems Development methodology (ISD) under the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme. The course will instruct civil aviation course developers on how to design and develop Standardized Training Packages (STPs) for TRAINAIR PLUS competency-based training standards.

After having successfully completed the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Analyse training needs and choose strategies
  • Analyse jobs and target populations
  • Determine training objectives
  • Sequence objectives and group them into modules
  • Prepare and validate tests
  • Design modules
  • Produce and validate training material
  • Assist in On the Job Training planning and monitoring

The 2 week course is open for any interested participants and the registrations have already started. To learn more about the TDC course in Malmö, please click here.