Many countries are slowly ‘opening up’, while travel restrictions still apply for others. As every country is unique in their approaches and these are subject to change, we understand that it is hard to plan ahead. That is why we decided to offer more online open courses in the autumn, where possible. Courses in November and December are scheduled to take place at our academy in Malmö, but might be changed to online courses.

You can participate in a scheduled course, or we can plan your own course if you have multiple participants. If this is of interest to you, please contact us for more information and to book.

We have scheduled the following ATSEP courses:

We have scheduled the following Instructor & Assessor courses:

  • OJTI Refresher
    11 – 12 August (online)
    13 – 14 August (online)
    7 – 8 October (online)
    1 – 2 December (Malmö)
  • Assessor
    15 – 17 September (Malmö)
    20 – 22 October (online)
    10 – 12 November (Malmö)
  • Assessor Refresher
    1 – 2 September (Malmö)
    27 – 28 October (online)

As always, we like to keep in close contact with our customers and look for individual solutions that fit them best. If you have any questions regarding your training needs, we are happy to hear from you to discuss the possibilities.

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