New 360 TWR Simulator installed in Malmö

We have just upgraded the hardware on one of our 360 TWR Simulators. The new set-up consists of 16*65” UHD displays in portrait mode, installed in a physical 270 circular set-up, with the possibility to show full 360 view. Each display is driven in 4K making the scenery and airplanes look just as authentic and distinctive as if you were looking out of the window. The TWR simulator can be operated with up to 3 controller positions and as many pilots as requested. First course, ADI Rating training for Croatian students, is already running on this new simulator.

The simulator will be running all type of TWR courses: initial, continuation, unusual and emergency training. Courses can be performed either on simulated airports or on customer specifically designed local airports replicating the real environment and traffic. Entry Point North has already designed more than 35 airports in its library.

In total Entry Point North Group has more than new 200 radar simulator positions, two 360 degrees 3D Towers, one 270 degrees 3D Tower and thirteen 180 degrees 3D towers.