On 4 July, a group of 13 ab-initio students from Belgocontrol started their Basic ATC training at Entry Point North. The course is being delivered in a full compliance with Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/340 and in accordance with Entry Point Norths proven training philosophy and methodology.

The 13-week Basic ATC course is designed as a combination of theory and intensive practical training - more than a half of the course is dedicated to hands-on training in simulators (radar skills training, APS and ADI simulation). Students apply the new theoretical knowledge in practice from the beginning and this helps them to understand the classroom subjects better. Moreover students are better prepared for the upcoming Rating training.

Basic ATC students can monitor their own training progress via the online student portal, where they can access all course material, take quizzes that check their progress and read other course information. Each student was also provided an individual iPad for both training and personal use during their stay in Sweden.

All the 13 students are living in the university city of Lund (25km from Malmö) where they have a chance to explore the local area of southern Sweden as well as the Danish capital, Copenhagen across the famous Öresund Bridge. There are continuous teambuilding activities organised by the academy together with the course instructors as well as other international students at Entry Point North.