Entry Point North is now offering Operational Supervisor and Operational Supervisor Refresher training courses.

For many years now there have been regulatory requirements for competence assessors and on-the-job training instructors training within ANSPs, but there is no mandatory training of Operational Supervisors. They understandably have extremely important roles and responsibilities within an operational ATC environment, hence it is so important for them to maintain their competences and skills in alignment with up-to-date training philosophies and methods used during ab-initio, OJTI and Assessor training.

The Operational Supervisor course is designed to impart knowledge and skills to experienced air traffic controllers in order to prepare them for the role as Operational ATC Supervisors. The course duration is 5 days. It is an interactive course containing group exercises, discussions and role plays. The course covers the following topics:
• The role of the Operational Supervisor
• Communication
• Conflict management
• Stress and stress management
• Motivation
• Change management
• Safety management

The 2-day Refresher course is designed for operational supervisors with several years’ experience who wish to refresh knowledge and skills from the previous supervisor course and wish to improve their capabilities and performance in their work as operational supervisors. We are looking for participants from different units that could benefit from sharing their experiences with other Supervisors.

If you are interested to know more about our Operational Supervisor training, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@entrypointnorth.com.

A Supervisor Refresher course in Budapest, November 2015