Entry Point North has another busy summer and autumn ahead of us. New students will start their Initial ATC education on two Basic courses and some will continue with rating training.

12 students from Croatia Control started their 20 week ACS Rating course on 23rd May. Prior to coming to Malmö, they have successfully completed Basic ATM training in Zagreb as well as completing a specially designed 5-day assessment programme, delivered by Entry Point North. During the programme they have received theoretical lessons combined with intensive Radar and Tower hands-on simulator exercises followed by a questionnaire. Then the students were carefully assessed and profiled to assign the most suitable profiles for the ACS and ADI Rating training in order to maximise the success rate of the subsequent training.

On 4 July, the Croatian students will be joined by a group of 13 ab-initios from the Belgian ANSP Belgocontrol. They will undergo their 13 weeks ATC Basic course in Malmö-Sturup.

On 15 August, students from Naviair (Danish ANSP) and the Danish military (Værnsfælles Forsvarskommando) will also start their Initial ATC training. They will graduate as ADI/RAD and APS controllers in autumn 2017.

Entry Point North is pleased to welcome all the new ab-initios and we will do our very best to ensure their study time and stay in Malmö will be a great experience.