Enter online: December 1:st new phraseology for AFIS enters into force in Europe

December 2022, new phraseology regulation comes into force in Europe. Are you ready?

Phraseology, as published in regulation, can be challenging to grasp. It is difficult to take a list of words and figure out how they should be applied. The new regulation in SERA is different to the phraseology you are used to in many aspects.

To assist you in implementing the new phraseology, Entry Point North has developed a self-paced online course that covers all the new phraseology.

The course connects the phraseology to the AFIS provisions in Regulation (EU) 2017/373. The course provides notes, comments, and real voice examples to explain the new phraseology and give context and guidance.

Contents in brief:

  • General radio telephony procedures
  • Standard words and phrases
  • Phraseology for AFIS, departing traffic
  • Phraseology for AFIS arriving VFR traffic
  • Phraseology for AFIS arriving IFR traffic
  • Phraseology for AFIS other situations
  • Phraseology for AFIS, surveillance service
  • Phraseology for AFIS, vehicles
  • Phraseology for AFIS, emergency

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