Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/340 and the recognition of Team Resource Management (TRM) as an Acceptable Means of Compliance to Human Factors training requirements in Unit and Continuation Training schemes, has recently stimulated the growing interest in TRM training courses among ANSPs in Europe.

Striving to be ahead of our industry developments, Entry Point North has designed and is now offering an interactive 2 days TRM course. The course covers the recommended six TRM modules: Teamwork, Team Roles, Communication, Situational Awareness, Decision Making, Stress & Fatigue Management (ref. Guidelines for TRM Good Practices, 1.1 – 2015). In addition to the six modules, the course also introduces the participants to progressive safety thinking by improving understanding of the role TRM has in an increasingly complex socio-technical system like in ATM.

The training is delivered as a combination of theoretical lessons, practical - group work exercises, discussions and case studies. The course aims to help ANSPs to enhance their OPS task efficiency and increased awareness about safety. It also provides guidance on improving efficiency of team work, communications and feedback as well as improving individual awareness of Human Factors and Just Culture.

In October and November 2016 the TRM courses will be delivered for 16 full classes for the Irish Aviation Authority in Dublin. Earlier this year all ATCO staff in Shannon has also received the same training course.

If you wish to know more about TRM training at Entry Point North, please do not hesitate to contact us at