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Issue #4 – 2010

Welcome to the 4th issue of 
Entry Point North’s newsletter!

In this issue, Entry Point North will proudly introduce your future ATCO colleagues that graduated in February, March and May; we will take a short look back at the years that have passed since 2006 and we will present the most noticeable activities from the last period. We would also like to introduce a special event that Entry Point North is preparing!

25th of March 2010 – Happy Training,
Entry Point North!

Here at the Academy, we believe that the 25th of March is a day dedicated to all the employees that have devoted their energy, competences and skills during the last 4 years into building and delivering premium trainings and innovative solutions.

We believe that our partners and clients have played an essential role in Entry Point North’s continuous desire to help our customers by delivering professional training solutions and meeting their training needs.

We want to THANK YOU all!

During the last 4 years we have seen the rise of, what we hope is, your most trustworthy partner in providing training for air traffic controllers. From this point forward we will continue the journey towards fulfilling Entry Point North’s vision of being the premier European ATS Academy of international recognition.

We could not have made it so far without your support and we hope that you will join us in saying “Happy Training Entry Point North!”

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AFIS seminar: “AFIS today!”

Entry Point North has the pleasure to host the “AFIS today!” seminar between the 21st and 22nd of September 2010.

The seminar offers the participants the chance to exchange experience and dissemination of best practice within the different AFIS-operators in Europe. Entry Point North wishes to create the perfect environment, to bring together professionals from the aviation industry and to generate discussions and ideas regarding AFIS.

The topics of the seminar will include:

• The upcoming Eurocontrol guidelines for Aerodrome flight information service,
• Experiences from the use of ATS surveillance systems / radars,
• Information about the Aerodrome Resource Management concept for AFIS aerodromes,
• Information about AFIS throughout Europe, SMS, initial and refresher/development training.

The seminar will be held at Entry Point North AB, Malmö Airport, Sturup.

For participants enrolling before 15th of July 2010, Entry Point North will be able to guarantee that they will be provided with hotel accommodation in Malmö, all meals during the seminar and transportation to and from the hotel to the event. Due to booking policy and seminar planning, after that date you will be individually informed about the number of free places left. Please apply as soon as possible and no later than 15th of August 2010, by visiting our website www.trynorth.com and completing the Registration Form with your personal details.

We look forward to meeting you at the seminar and we trust it will provide an excellent opportunity to meet professionals form aviation industry and to exchange ideas and experiences.

Contact information
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information:
Entry Point North AB, Box 30, SE- 23032 Malmö-Sturup
afis@trynorth.com, www.trynorth.com
Bjarne Alster (+46 738 521 980 ) bja@trynorth.com

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On behalf of LFV and Linköping University:
Bachelor of Science in Air Traffic and Logistics!

A unique educational program for becoming Air Traffic Controllers (ATCO) starts in the autumn 2010 at Linköping University (LiU) in cooperation with LFV.

The Bachelor of Science in Air Traffic and Logistics is the result of a fruitful partnership between the two organizations. The goal is to deliver a comprehensive educational program for future Air Traffic Controllers, by combining academic theory with air traffic control Initial Training. The Initial Training will be provided by Entry Point North ATS Academy, in compliance with Eurocontrol’s common core content.

Delivered at the Norrköping Campus, the Bachelor of Science program is an extension and an improvement for the ATCOs background and it opens new career paths. Out of a total of 60 seats for this Bachelor of Science, LFV has already assigned 30 for its future employees, which will be recruited and screened using FEAST tests. The entire Bachelor course gives 180 university credits and potential students have already shown a great interest for the new programme.

The structure of the educational program creates a perfect balance for students. They will begin with three semesters at the LiU, followed by Initial Training at Entry Point North and end with a written thesis, during their Unit Training. The sequential order of complementary and harmonized types of education is aimed at giving the young ATCOs complete competences to reach high performance at their future jobs.

Entry Point North is honoured to take part in this ground breaking and unique initiative. We congratulate both partners for the hard work and dedication given to make this comprehensive educational program possible and we trust that the first class of 30 students and also time will prove its success and usefulness.

Entry Point North welcomes the first students enrolled in this programme!

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Macedonia and Entry Point North: partners in delivering Emergency/ Refresher Training!

Entry Point North is proud to announce the beginning of a successful collaboration with M-NAV, the Air Navigation Service Provider of Macedonia.

During April, May and June 2010, Entry Point North is facilitating a tailor made Training Course for 81 ACC and TMA controllers from Macedonia. The training is a mix of various ATC aspects including capacity training, unusual events training and the introduction to a new route structure in Macedonia.

Together with M-NAV, Entry Point North has developed an exact copy of Macedonian airspace using their existing route structure and also a new ACC route structure. This step is among the most important and essential, as it affects the successful delivery of the entire training. The airspace and exercises have been tested thoroughly and adjusted to ensure that all the objectives of the refresher training have been be met.

Entry Point North’s simulators can provide almost the same functionalities as the Macedonian ATM system, which again makes the training on the simulators more authentic, in line with real work experience. In addition to the training Entry Point North has also offered accommodation for all participants including local transport to and from the academy.

Entry Point North is proud of being able to provide a turnkey simulation solution with all the needed facilities for the training course, and even though the Icelandic ash-cloud made the first travel arrangements a little problematic, we are now happy to hear the sound of a new language in the academy.

All staff at Entry Point North will do their outmost best to make the training and stay of the Macedonian ATCOs and instructors as enriching and pleasant as possible in order to get the maximum benefits out of their training. 

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ATC Global 2010 Diary

From the first moment we stepped into the ATC Global facilities, we knew that this event would be successful because all the important players from the ATC industry were present.

Customers, competitors, regulators, suppliers and many more were gathered to share knowledge, establish new partnerships and re-enforce old collaborations.

Entry Point North effort to be present at ATC Global has been well compensated by all the interested partners and customers that visited our stand. We felt we had a very constructive dialogue and we hope that we responded with the same attention and dedication. To come closer to the exhibition participants, we greeted the visitors to our stand with a radar vectoring game generating a lot of joy and with a well prepared team of specialists ready to answer your questions.

To be present as an exhibitor at ATC Global was, for Entry Point North, an excellent opportunity to meet our partners and customers and a unique chance to discuss the future needs for ATCO training. The continuous wish to improve the training methods and the common desire to create a healthy and strong training environment has been the key conclusion of the event and the goal for the coming years.

We had 3 fantastic and interesting days and we are already looking forward to meeting you next year at the ATC Global 2011 and to discuss about the success stories and the efficient training solutions that are happening now!

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Initial Training Graduating Classes

Graduating classes from February 2010 until June 2010

ATC 0902 ADI
Course Supervisor:  Hákon Asgeirsson
Graduation  Date:  2010-02-19

Vidar Due  –  Avinor
Olov Esberg  –  LFV
Katrine Hamarsland  –  Avinor
Ole Jørgen Holan  –  Avinor
Anders Nicaus Johansen  –  Avinor
Steinar Johansen Aarvåg  –  Avinor
Hanne Julsrud  –  Avinor
Eirik Nettum Kjenna  –  Avinor
Susanna Lagerström  –  LFV
Martin Lesjø  –  Avinor
Line Lium  –  Avinor
Siv Sandberg  –  LFV
Sondre Skretting  –  Avinor
Britt Inger Ulseth  –  Avinor


ATC 0947 ADI
Course Supervisor:  Eva von Heincz
Graduation  Date:  2010-03-26

Karsten Tønnevold Fiane  –  Avinor
Ingvild Øien Frøyen  –  Avinor
Monica Kyllo  –  Avinor
Mirko Malavrazic  –  Avinor
Line Henriette Paulsen  –  Avinor
Truls Ole Sandvik  –  Avinor
Audun Stoltz Thomassen  –  Avinor


ATC 1005 ADI
Course Supervisor: 
Villy Sørensen
Michael Smith
Graduation  Date:  2010-05-21

Jesper Agentoft  –  FTK
Mikael Arvidsson  –  LFV
Oscar Codan  –  LFV
Ole-Falk Ebbell  –  FTK
Viktor Gustafsson  –  LFV
Mark Haaber Hessellund  –  FTK
Göran Hasslar  –  LFV
Maria Larsson  –  LFV
Isak Logander  –  LFV
Annette Woetmann-Laursen  –  FTK
Catrin Wärne  –  LFV

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AFIS seminar: “AFIS today!”
On the 21st and 22nd of September 2010, Entry Point North has the pleasure of hosting the “AFIS today!” seminar. For more information, please visit our website:

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ENTRY POINT NORTH IS ONE OF THE LARGEST AIR TRAFFIC SERVICES ACADEMIES IN EUROPE. It is the first transnational academy specialising in ATM training. Entry Point North is approved by the Swedish CAA. In accordance with provisions of the EU “Directive 2006/23/EC on a Community air traffic controller licence”, it is also accepted by EU member countries. The ATS training solutions offered to customers are carried out in accordance with Best Practice and all international rules and standards including ICAO and EUROCONTROL ESARR 5.

ENTRY POINT NORTH IS A TOTAL TRAINING SOLUTION PROVIDER. In any given week of the study year, about 230 European students or ATCO professionals receive initial training or development training. Students are fully trained to meet requirements of the appropriate rating whether this is APS, ADI, APP, ACS or ACP or a combination of these. Specialised programmes are offered within ATS and AFIS training, as well as development training, human factors and safety courses such as OJTI, OJTI Refresher, Assessor, CAT (Controller Aviation Training), and CRM (Crew Resource Management).

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