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Issue #1 – 2009

Welcome to the first issue of the Entry Point North Newsletter

This newsletter aims to provide insight to various training activities happening at Entry Point North and to build a closer relationship between the customer and Entry Point North. As one of the leading ATC academies in Europe, Entry Point North participates in a broad range of activities aiming to continuously improve the education of the ATCO students and professional development courses for staff in safety critical organisations.

Are you an ATS officer, ATCO, OJT Instructor, Training Specialist or interested in development training? Then this quarterly newsletter is for you. It is offered to keep you up-to-date on training development relevant to you and ATC colleagues around you at local units, and get a feel of the activities taking place at Entry Point North.

The newsletter comprises recurring sections in each issue. What will you find here? On the right you will find what is “IN THIS ISSUE”. Click on a section that specifically captures your interest, and possibly along the way gain insight into training aspects relevant to you or your colleagues. We welcome your thoughts and topics as we communicate training related news and events, as well as first hand experiences of training instructors and students.

Training Modules presented to ATC Training Specialists at Rating Seminar

A rating seminar with training responsible at ANSP units took place at Entry Point North 3-4 June. The overall objective was to share detailed information about the course content in the ACS, ADI and APS rating modules. The immediate goal was to facilitate OJT planning for ATC students trained at Entry Point North, as well as contribute to an easier transition from the academy to the pre OJT and local unit.

Approximately 20-25 delegates from various ATC Training units from Naviair, LFV Group/ANS and Avinor participated in the seminar. The impression from the seminar was that the participants were pleased with the arrangement and content. The seminar was awaited, and Entry Point North received positive feedback and ATCO trainers input for further product development.

There where lively discussions, and socially it became a successful meeting given it enabled participants to interact and ventilate experiences with each other. Given the interest among participants that this be a regular activity, it has been decided that the rating seminar will be an annual event renamed Product Seminar.

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FEAST at Entry Point North

Over 25 EUROCONTROL member countries use FEAST tests to evaluate potential ATC candidates. From those countries over 40 administrators and experts using FEAST came in the spring to Entry Point North and Malmö, Sweden for the FEAST user group meeting. The gathering also celebrated the 5th anniversary of FEAST as a testing instrument.

Preliminary results from a validation study of ANSPs using FEAST in Europe show a positive connection between the high scores of potential students who took FEAST tests compared to those who later have had positive evaluations at the end of initial training and training at units. The student BOS (Behavioural Observational Scale) evaluations are filled out by instructors after students complete initial training as well as well as unit training. Work continues to refine the tests.

FEAST has become a practical tool which fits well with the “Open Sky” vision shared by ANSP members of EUROCONTROL. Results from ANSPs using FEAST are used to improve both the selection process quality and the ease of evaluating results. Combined analysis of test results also enables long term Pan-European comparisons of the selection process and ATCO training.

It is understandable that in the Internet era additional methods for reaching potential candidates are required. Participants welcomed an offer from Entry Point North to conduct a brief survey of participants and other members of FEAST regarding effective &/or new marketing and communication methods used to increase the number of qualified applicants to ATC training. Based on the response to the survey; if enough insight can be gained from the results they will be provided to FEAST participants.

Participants had many questions about Entry Point North’s facilities and they were reciprocated with a tour the facility, including what will be all new simulators installed by summer of 2009. As if it were the Olympics, at the end of the meeting participants acclaimed that this was the best and biggest such event they had attended yet and were impressed with what Entry Point North had accomplished to date.

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Only a few seats left! Human Factors Seminar: “Just Culture” 27 August 2009

Entry Point North is pleased to announce that it will be hosting a free Human Factors Seminar on Just Culture in the learning environment in Copenhagen. The key audience for this seminar is Training Managers within ANSPs and safety-critical organisations.

This one day seminar’s focus is developing a “Just Culture” in the learning environment and Professor Sidney Dekker from Lund University will be the key note speaker. Professor Dekker is a world-leading researcher and an authority in the field of Human Factors in safety-critical operations. Professor Dekker has published several award winning human factors books, and he is the author of “Just Culture: Balancing Safety and Accountability”.

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Initial Training Graduating Classes

Graduating classes in 2009 until 29 May

ATC 0809 ADI
Course Supervisor:  Anders Pettersson
Graduation  Date:  2009-05-29

Johan Andersson  –  LFV Group
Nathalie Edlund  –  LFV Group
Andreas Foerster  –  LFV Group
Erik Gunnelin  –  LFV Group
Andreas Holmskov  –  LFV Group
Roger Långström  –  LFV Group
Patrik Magnetorp  –  LFV Group
Hans Persson  –  LFV Group
Carsten Peters Niebuhr  –  FTK
Anna Sandström  –  LFV Group
Martin Stridsman  –  LFV Group
Christoffer Westling  –  LFV Group

ATS 0911
Course Supervisor:  Sofi Wadsjö
Graduation Date:  2009-05-08

Emil Gjessing Bjørgan  –  Avinor
Monica Eilertsen  –  Avinor
Ivar Andre Ekehaug  –  Avinor
Marit Emelie Johnsen  –  Avinor
Marius Karlsen  –  Avinor
Stefan Langfors  –  Notodden Lufthavn
Kristin Lunde  –  Avinor
Tom Jøran Olavsen  –  Avinor
Andre Storslett  –  Avinor
Randi Vatshaug  –  Avinor

ATC 0747 ACS
Course Supervisor:  Therese Mohlin
Graduation Date  2009-03-20

Max Aspelund  –  LFV Group
Johan Degerman  –  LFV Group
Owe Eklöf  –  LFV Group
Alexander Jansson  –  LFV Group
Michael Molberg  –  FTK
Josefine Måbrink  –  LFV Group

ATS 0903
Course Supervisor:  Karina Gonzalez
Graduation Date:  2009-03-06

David Eklund Danielsen  –  Naviair
Tommy Forsberg  –  Avinor
Jim Jens Kristiansen  –  FTK
Victor Perez Mendieta  –  Naviair
Flemming Nielsen   –  FTK
Anders Porsander  –  LFV Group
Leni Elise Skjervik  –  Avinor

ATC 0747 ADI
Course Supervisor:  Villy Sørensen
Graduation Date:  2009-02-27

Anders Andersen  –  Avinor
Janna Daugaard  –  Naviair
Andreas Høgaas  –  Avinor
Søren Kell Jensen  –  Naviair
Thomas Kolbeinsen  –  Avinor
Berbara Kool  –  Naviair
Sarah F Nielsen  –  Naviair
Tor Hogne Paulsen  –  Avinor
Andreas Lien Røe  –  Avinor
Mia Veseth  –  Avinor
Malene Winther  –  Naviair

ATC 0741 ACS
Course Supervisor:  P-O Olsson
Graduation Date:  2009-02-20

Mette Aulie  –  Avinor
Lise Johanne Heggstad  –  Avinor
Mads Hjørnevik  –  Avinor
Ole-Jørgen Ingebrigtsen  –  Avinor
Elin Jansson  –  LFV Group
Rickard Karlsson  –  LFV Group
Mattias Lindmark  –  LFV Group
Josefin Malm  –  LFV Group
Kenneth Simonsson  –  LFV Group
Heidi A L Stava  –  Avinor
Bjørn Kenneth Vevang  –  Avinor

ATC 0741 ADI
Course Supervisor:  Anders Pettersson
Graduation Date:  2009-01-23

Jonas Flatjord  –  Avinor
Staffan Halth  –  LFV Group
Bjørnar Hjelkrem  –  Avinor
Jens Petter Kåven  –  Avinor
David Nordvik Strande  –  Avinor
Mattias Svensson  –  LFV Group
Christopher Zweidorff  –  Avinor

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