Entry Point North builds upon its historic cooperation with Chinese institutions and continues offering a wide scope of training at our European training sites as well as on site in China. After successfully delivering the third series of the 11-week Training Management Programme (TMP) for a group of Chinese instructors and teachers from regional Chinese Air Traffic Management Bureaus (ATMB) and civil aviation universities, Entry Point North is currently delivering a complete Operational Supervisor Training in China.

The Operational Supervisor Training programme is designed as a series of 9 courses. Each 5-day course is delivered to a group of 15 operational air traffic controllers/supervisors from North China ATMB to enhance their skills and impart knowledge on European best practices. Courses are being delivered from November 2016 in Beijing and 135 supervisors of North China ATMB will have completed their training by the end of January 2017.

The courses are delivered by two professional instructors with several years’ experience both in teaching and in being operational supervisors at ATC units in Sweden. The training is designed in accordance with Entry Point North’s proven training methodology as an interactive course containing group exercises, discussions and role plays. The lessons focus on the role of an operational supervisor, communication, conflict management, stress and management of stress, motivation, change management, safety management and other topics.

Should you have enquires about our offered courses or other strategic cooperation ideas with Entry Point North in China, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Sales Department or our local representative, Mr. Zhao Peng based in Beijing at any of the below contact details.

Zhao Peng 赵鹏

Chief Representative 首席代表
M +86 18510995525