Entry Point North delivered its Pilot’s Guide to Air Traffic Control (PGATC) course to Malmö Aviation for a second time on 24 April.

The PGATC course is a one day course designed to give commercial pilots deep insight and understanding into the air traffic controllers’ work environment and how different methods of applications are carried out. The course contains practical demonstrations performed by the instructors, some hands on training in a radar simulator along with classroom sessions focusing on understanding different kinds of separation, rules and regulations. The course aims to explain why controllers make certain decisions and clarifies the meaning and division of responsibility connected with different instructions and phrases. It also includes an open lecture where the participants are given the opportunity to ask all sorts of questions and share various real life situations.

Before the course the participants received self-study material where important definitions, concepts, airspace layout and methods of application are described. After a short briefing the instructors performed a demonstration of an Approach exercise and the course participants were given the opportunity to take on the role of controller. A second demonstration focused on an unusual event/emergency situation (in this case an aircraft experiencing an engine failure) followed by a debriefing and an open lecture where various areas connected to air traffic control were discussed. The course was well received by the participants. It is surely useful for operational pilots on a daily basis, but also for the simulator instructors during flight training.

If you want to know more about Pilot’s Guide to Air Traffic Control course, please contact us at sales@entrypointnorth.com.