Recruitment and selection course for ATMB General and North China ATMB

Between 26 June – 6July 2018, Entry Point North delivered a recruitment and selection course in Malmö to participants from Air Traffic Management Bureau (ATMB) General and North China ATMB. This course enables the organisations to have a more centralised selection system. It is the first time China has used an external foreign resource to improve their air traffic controller selection.

The course provided the participants with an in-depth understanding of our recruitment and selection philosophy and methods. The programme covered topics such as job description, attracting candidates, interview techniques, selection and follow-up. The topics were handled by our expert staff using a mix of lectures, role-playing exercises and many fruitful discussions between participants. Additionally, experts from LFV and Naviair gave guest lectures to provide insight into the recruitment and selection approaches of Nordic Air Navigation Service Providers.

The fifteen course participants hold various positions within North China ATMB and ATMB General, working at the HR department, ATC department, ATC centre, and training centre. Some of the participants will be able to incorporate their newly attained knowledge in their work as interviewers, while others such as air traffic controllers will act as support during future recruitment and selection processes.

“I have worked with Entry Point North as a co-interviewer last year for the selection of new ATCOs for North China ATMB. It’s great to study the philosophy and theory behind the recruitment and selection. I can’t wait to use it in my work in China,”

– says Liu Yinglei, one of the course participants.

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