Refresher training for AlbControl

Entry Point North conducts a wide variety of training for ATCOs, AFISOs and ATSEPs, as well as Instructor and Assessment training for all kinds of aviation professionals. Over the last three years, delivery of refresher training has been steadily increasing leading up to the delivery of 290 courses to clients in various parts of Europe.

One of those clients is AlbControl. 2019 marks the fourth year in a row in which we deliver refresher and emergency training to the Albanian air navigation service provider. After winning the tender process in March, Entry Point North was able to quickly organise Refresher training of 72 ATCOs. This training package included 102 Ratings of ADI, ACS and APS which are to be completed before July.

Our preparations for the course included building the required simulator positions and exercises, creating the theoretical material aligned with the standards set by AlbControl, and finding instructors and simulator pilots and to make a solid planning to guarantee both an efficient and a positive learning environment.

Entry Point North is able to deliver these courses on short notice due to many factors. Our size means that we actually have a sufficient number of simulators and pilots for the job. Our many years of experience provide us with the knowledge to develop and deliver a modern training in both theoretical and practical exercises, but lastly and most importantly it’s our customers’ trust in that we are flexible and openminded and deliver high quality training when they need it. We are very proud of this relationship with AlbControl and hope to continue this cooperation into the future.