Remote Recruitment and Selection Services for North East ATMB in China

The restrictions for traveling mean that we need to find new ways to deliver our services worldwide. Just before the summer, we delivered recruitment and selection services of ab-initio ATCOs remotely for North East ATMB in China. The candidates did cognitive ability tests online and took part in remote interviews resulting in the selection of 10 new ATC students. By close cooperation with NEATMB, it was a new experience for us to do it all virtually which turned into a great success.

“This is the first time we use a third party in the recruitment and selection process via an on-line platform, and we are impressed about the profession, devotion and creation of Entry Point North. We are satisfied about the result of the selection, which convinces us that there is a great scope for cooperation with Entry Point North” – says the representative at Human Resource Department of North East ATMB.