This year in April and May we have asked our customers of the three academies in Sweden, Ireland and Hungary to evaluate our performance on training and services delivered during the last 12 months.

Some of the key results of the customer satisfaction survey 2016:
  • 9 of 10 of respondents evaluated the quality of services received as excellent and very good;
  • More than 9 of 10 of respondents are overall satisfied with Entry Point North and will recommend Entry Point North to an industry colleague;
  • More than 9 of 10 of the respondents recognise Entry Point North as a professional training provider, claim that we are quickly responding to clients’ requests and understand their needs;
  • More than 8 of 10 of the respondents recognise Entry Point North as a flexible training provider.
Entry Point North continuously strives to improve its training services and our customers’ opinion is essential to us. Therefore, we analyse all feedback results carefully and take, if necessary, measures to improve, live up to or even exceed our customers’ expectations.

Thanks to respondents for all the sincere responses, great feedback and valuable comments.
We highly appreciate your participation.