As Entry Point North academies are slowly starting to open up for students and training staff, we have taken the following measures to address the operational safety in our facilities:

  • We perform routine environmental cleaning and disinfection. We ensure thorough cleaning and disinfection of all frequently touched surfaces including classrooms, simulator rooms, social areas, kitchen and bathrooms.
  • The number of social contacts in the academy is minimised through groups of students using different entrances, training and social areas, whenever it is possible.
  • During the simulator training we use every second position or ensure extra distancing measure are in place between them. In some locations we also use transparent covers between simulator training positions. Moreover, each student and instructor is provided with individual headsets.
  • There are hand sanitiser and cleaning wipes available at several locations within the academy facilities. Everyone entering and leaving our facilities is asked to use hand sanitiser.
  • All our students and staff are requested to stay home and self-isolate even with minor symptoms such as a cough, headache and/or a mild fever, until they recover.
  • Staff will gradually recommence working on-site. We will also still strongly encourage and fully support our employees to continue to work from home whenever feasible in order to perform their tasks as well as participating in virtual meetings as an effective and safe way of performing our work.
  • In order to minimise our staff from travelling, only the most critical business trips will be considered.
  • External visits to Entry Point North facilities remain very limited and will be subject to prior appointment and assessment.
  • We have an ongoing risk assessment with adjusted actions to address the safety in our facilities and we fully follow the recommendations of national health agencies in each country where the academy is located.