AFIS Refresher

Aerodrome Flight Information Service Refresher

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Course aim

This course refreshes the knowledge and skills of qualified AFIS operators. Participants can take it as a stand-alone course, or as part of the yearly competency program at their unit. We recommend the latter, for which we can assist in creating a comprehensive plan. This plan can include theoretical and practical refresher training, question banks, eLearning which the unit can conduct independently year-round, and theoretical assessment.

We can adapt the course to customers’ needs and preferences. In general, after completion of the course the participants have:

  • Refreshed practical skills as an AFIS operator.
  • Refreshed skills in handling various unusual situations and emergencies.

Course structure

The course is 2 days in duration and delivered by professional AFISO instructors. We can customise the course in various ways:

  • By including theoretical elements relevant to the unit and adapting the training to the local competency scheme.
  • By conducting the simulator exercises in generic or local airspace.
  • By extending the course with more theoretical and practical training.

Content in brief

We tailor the theoretical events to the customer’s needs. Common topics are:

  • Phraseology
  • News in regulations
  • Human factors

The course covers the following simulator training:

  • Generic traffic exercises in a simulator
  • Unusual events
  • Emergency situations


We recommend AFISO experience with an AFIS licence (or equivalent) and with a local unit endorsement (or equivalent).

Compliance with regulations

The course is included in the local unit training plan, which is subject to approval by the relevant National Supervisory Authority (NSA). If needed, we can assist in the approval process with the NSA.


2 days (or customised)
  • Prerequisites
    • AFISO experience with an AFIS licence (or equivalent)
    • Local unit endorsement (or equivalent)
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