Approach Control – Non Radar, ICAO 053

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Course aim

This course gives students from non-European Air Navigation Service Providers the knowledge and skills they need to work as Air Traffic Controllers in an Approach Control Procedural environment. The course can also serve as further Rating training for Air Traffic Controllers who have been active for several years. Students who pass the course may apply for an ICAO APP Student Air Traffic Controller License.

After completing this course, the students:

  • Have knowledge and understanding in accordance with the topics and sub-topics detailed in ICAO Annex 1.
  • Have skills to perform Approach Procedural Control Service in an approach control procedural environment safely, expeditiously, orderly, and according to rules and regulations.
  • Have knowledge of the importance of teamwork and of human factors related issues that can affect personal and team performance.

Course structure

The standard course is 4 weeks in duration and includes theoretical training, simulator training, and team-building activities.

Theoretical training
We deliver the theoretical part of the course through a blend of classroom training, group work, and discussions. Throughout the course, eLearning elements allow a flexible learning environment as students can participate in these lessons online. During the theoretical training, the students develop teamwork skills that help them perform in the practical training in the simulator.

Simulator training
The practical simulator training is divided into phases, to allow the students to slowly develop their skills. Students first master individual skills for topics mentioned under ‘Content in Brief’, after which we gradually introduce exercises with more complex situations, more traffic, and new elements (such as unusual and emergency events).

Content in brief

The course covers topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Approach control services: meteorology, navigation, aircraft, aerodromes, and human factors.
  • Vertical, time-based, distance-based, and horizontal VOR separations with and without using SIDs and STARs.
  • Unusual and emergency situations.
  • Complications in IFR scenarios (such as missed approaches and visual approaches).


Compliance with regulations

The course is compliant with ICAO standards and recommended practices.

ICAO 053

4 weeks (20 days)
  • Prerequisites
    • Air Traffic Control Assistant/Basic Induction, ICAO 051
    • Approach Control with Radar, ICAO 054 or Aerodrome Control, ICAO 052
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