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To improve ANSP’s air traffic controller education and training processes, we can conduct a review which may cover subjects such as initial recruitment and selection, choice of a training provider, company’s training philosophy, mind-set, and competencies of personnel delivering on-the-job training (OJT). Based on the findings, we present recommendations on how to increase the success of ATCO trainees.

Review objectives

The overall purpose of the review is to:

  • Analyse the recruitment, selection, and training of ATCOs
  • Identify opportunities for improvement of ATCO training and development processes
  • Examine possible causes of problems
  • Make recommendations regarding the recruitment and selection process
  • Identify opportunities to increase the success rate of ATCO trainees
  • Review the training philosophy within the organisation
  • Provide a comprehensive report with review findings and recommendations

Areas of review

We offer a complete or partial review and audit of procedures that relate to recruitment, selection, and training of ATCOs within the organisation. The areas of review are:

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Initial Training – Basic training, Rating training
  • Unit Training – Transitional training, Pre-OJT and OJT
  • Continuation Training – Refresher training, Conversion training
  • Instructor and Assessor Training – OJTI including refresher, Assessor including refresher

Review design

During the review, we apply our competence and expertise in a combination of proven approaches:

  • Pre-visit document studies
  • Process mapping
  • Data analysis
  • Examination of statistics
  • Site visit, conducting interviews with relevant personnel
  • Questionnaires

Findings and recommendations

After the review, we provide the ANSP with a comprehensive report presenting findings and recommendations on how to improve the procedures related to the recruitment, selection, and training of ATCOs. We analyse and explain review findings, taking into account best practices within aviation training. When needed, we consult local experts and professionals for their knowledge on specific areas.

Atc Training Review

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