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Course aim

The ATSEP Meteorology course is designed for operational Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel. It introduces participants to techniques on aviation meteorological systems and provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to work with aviation meteorological equipment.

After completing the course, the participants have knowledge of:

  • Aviation weather in general.
  • Aviation weather reports, forecasts, and charts.
  • Hazardous weather.
  • Weather impact on ATS.
  • Meteorological instruments and their usage.
  • How to identify and troubleshoot meteorological instruments.

Course structure

The ATSEP Meteorology course can be delivered on-site at Entry Point North, at the client’s premises, or in a Virtual Classroom.

Content in brief

Aviation weather
The significance of correct information about relevant meteorological data.
The effect of air pressure and temperature on altimeter readings and the true altitude of aircraft.
Different types of visibility.
Ways of measuring/observing the amount of cloud and cloud base. Define cloud base and ceiling.
How wind is measured.
Decoding readings from meteorological instruments and appreciate if the values are reasonable.

Aviation weather reports, forecasts, and charts
The most common types of weather reports and forecasts and explain their content.
The most common types of weather charts and the information they contain.

Hazardous weather
The effect of meteorological hazards on aviation.
The meteorological phenomena hazardous to flight.

Weather impact on ATS
How meteorological phenomena affect the provision of ATS.
Types of meteorological equipment required for different types of aerodromes.

Meteorological instruments
Methods of collection and recovery of meteorological data.
Meteorological instruments.
Meteorological displays in tower environment.
The AWOS system.
Faults on meteorological in instruments.
How to perform troubleshooting on meteorological instruments.


ATSEP operational experience.

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ATSEP Meteorology

3 days
  • Prerequisites
    • ATSEP operational experience
  • Scheduled dates
    • 23 - 25 Apr 2024, Virtual Classroom
    • 10 - 12 Dec 2024, Virtual Classroom
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