OJTI Refresher

On-the-Job Training Instructor Refresher

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Course aim

The course refreshes and strengthens the knowledge and skills of qualified On-the-Job Training Instructors (OJTI). This increases their performance, motivation, and confidence in a wide variety of training events and situations.

Completing the course revalidates the participant’s OJTI/STDI endorsement. If their endorsement has expired, we can conduct an additional assessment of competence after the course-end. This assessment is done upon request and is not part of the course.

Course structure

This course is 2 days in duration. Learning activities integrate scaffolding teachings (building on your own experience) and reflection as a part of the training. Teamwork is central to the course.

Content in brief

The course covers topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Appropriate training techniques during all training phases in the simulated and live environment.
  • Tools that help to meet challenges that can arise during training.
  • The concept of learning, how to increase motivation, and how to approach and train students from a different generation.
  • The importance of the pedagogical learning environment, code of conduct, and confidentiality in the training.
  • The importance of self-development, self-awareness, intrinsic motivation, and confidence in their own instructional competency.
  • Stress resilience, and how to help oneself and the student cope with stress
  • Factual written and verbal pedagogically-oriented communication.
  • The impact of the training philosophy on structuring and delivering the training.
  • Human factors concerning teaching and learning, self-development, teamwork, learning mindset, communication, etc.
  • Teaching to different generations of students.
  • Assessment methods and report writing.


Successful completion of an OJTI/STDI course.

Compliance with regulations

  • Compliant with Commission Regulation (EU) No 2015/340.
  • Approved by the Swedish National Supervisory Authority.

OJTI Refresher

2 days
  • Prerequisites
    • OJTI
  • Scheduled dates
    • 20 - 21 Oct 2022, Virtual Classroom
    • 29 - 30 Nov 2022, Virtual Classroom
      Fully booked
    • 12 - 13 Jan 2023, Virtual Classroom
    • 14 - 15 Mar 2023, Entry Point North, Malmö
    • 25 - 26 May 2023, Virtual Classroom
    • 28 - 29 Aug 2023, Virtual Classroom
    • 17 - 18 Oct 2023, Entry Point North, Malmö
    • 4 - 5 Dec 2023, Virtual Classroom
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