Entry Point North installs Tower and Radar Simulators in Stockholm and Norrköping

From 1 January 2018 Entry Point North will provide tower and radar simulator services for LFV at Stockholm-Arlanda and Norrköping. We are currently building a new 3D simulator in Stockholm and radar simulators will be set up in Norrköping. Entry Point North will design training exercises and provide simulator pilots for LFV under the same agreement.

The new simulators will replicate the operational environment and e-strips will be available along with regular paper strips. All ten airports will be designed by simulator experts at Entry Point North in Malmö, who will also develop all the exercises based on the unit’s requirements.

As part of the agreement, Entry Point North will also provide simulator pilots, who will mostly be piloting remotely from Entry Point North in Malmö. They will be specifically trained to work in the airspace and learn the complexity of the various Swedish airports.

For almost two years, Entry Point North has been providing  a similar tower simulator setup for Naviair in Copenhagen, Denmark. All the regional Naviair units, including Copenhagen tower are now using the simulator for their unit training. This includes pre-OJT, continuation training, conversion training and Training in unusual/emergency situations.