Each newsletter we shine the spotlights on one of our academies, highlighting developments and activities. For the second edition in the series we focus on Entry Point North Ireland: our Irish branch which consists of two sites which are located in Dublin and in Shannon.

In January 2014, Entry Point North Ireland was established as the main provider of standardised and cost-effective training services to the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), replacing the existing IAA Training Academies in Ballycasey, Shannon and Dublin. A co-operation agreement was signed between the IAA and Entry Point North (EPN) group and the IAA became a shareholder in the group.

The new Entry Point North Ireland organisation began to deliver training courses which incorporate the Entry Point North training philosophy. This training philosophy and the new harmonised training system have resulted in higher student success rates and higher quality training.

The fact that all training is now carried out by Entry Point North means that the training system is seamless and harmonised – starting from Basic ATC theory, followed by Initial rating, Unit Transitional/Pre-OJT and ending in final handover to Operations for On-the-Job-Training in the operational environment.

During the first five years of Entry Point North (2014 – 2018), the IAA has started training of 83 new Ab-Initio students. All in all Entry Point North Ireland has been responsible for more than 350 different courses – including rating training, refresher training, conversion training, Pre-OJT (Unit) training, TRM training, OJTI training, assessor training, different simulations and a number of special courses.

In the future, Entry Point North Ireland will play a role by training IAA staff to meet new demands that arise with the developments of new projects. The IAA is currently building a parallel runway in Dublin, which results in new training needs for operational staff. Furthermore, Entry Point North Ireland is deeply involved in the training for Remote Tower in Shannon during 2020.