To perform optimally in their working environment, Air Traffic Management (ATM) staff benefit from a thorough understanding of the factors that influence human performance such as stress and fatigue. A better perception of what stress and fatigue are, combined with an improved insight in the positive and negative functions of stress, lead to better prevention and coping techniques both at an individual and on team level. In that respect, proper stress and fatigue management contributes directly to enforce the flight safety culture in ATM.

Entry Point North has observed a growing interest in safety courses and as such has developed a Stress Fatigue Management course, which has been delivered to a great satisfaction of clients in the past couple of months. During the two-day course, the facilitators actively engage participants in the discussions, roleplay and group work. This enables each individual to recognise, understand and cope with stress and fatigue on a personal level, as well as to understand how to prevent it.

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