Would you like to:

• Learn how to make training at your organisation even more successful?
• Consider a new approach and get inspiration to your daily work with managing training?
• See if the day-to-day things can be done differently, in a better way?
• Continue to develop personally and professionally?

Join the TRAIN THE TRAINING MANAGER course on 19-23 September at Entry Point North academy in Malmö, Sweden.

It is specially aimed at ATM/ATC staff whose task it is to carry out training programs: Heads of Training, Training Managers, Course Supervisors, Unit Training Responsibles etc.

The course will provide the participants with skills and tools relevant to perform duties associated with leading, supervising or managing adults through training. It will offer a guidance on how to prepare structured training program in order to receive best training output using the latest training methodology.
The training will cover the following objectives:
  • Planning, performing and evaluating a training program - setting training goals, building development culture and a constructive assessment tool.
  • Leading, supervising and managing a training program.
  • Competency based training and how to work with this in planning, training and assessment.
  • Creating Training Philosophy and implementing a good psychological learning environment.
  • Communication skills and methods to lead and coach both instructors and students.
  • Methods to ensure efficient, goal oriented and motivational training programs.
  • Awareness of the administrative demands associated with the job and knowledge of how to perform them.
  • Personal development in the field of leadership and coaching.
The course is divided into theory classes, discussions, group work, practical exercises and role plays. The practical aspects of the course give the participants the opportunity to learn from each other and share their experience and skills. The course duration is 5 days.

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