Entry Point North Ireland running at full capacity

Entry Point North Ireland has successfully started 2016 with nearly full capacity delivering a wide range of training – Initial, Unit, Continuation, and Development courses at its two training sites: Dublin and Shannon. Both sites are now well established running the third year of operations and the concept of delivering all training under the Entry Point North Group umbrella has resulted in a seamless harmonised training system. The Dublin training site is expanding following the initiative of building a new runway at Dublin Airport and this will obviously increase the requirement of Tower ATCO Training in 2017 and following years.

IAA has so far requested approximately 60 training courses for delivery in 2016 and Entry Point North Ireland is now fully organised and prepared to provide these courses equating to more than 1000 student weeks. Due to the increase of operations, Entry Point North Ireland team was expanded by 8 new staff members ready to meet all new training demands and challenges.

With support from colleagues in Sweden, Entry Point North Ireland is also closely working with the Irish CAA on daily basis – developing new customised courses and getting them approved to be fully compliant with the regulatory requirements.

The success of the academy operations is achieved through continuous close cooperation with its main customer IAA to satisfy any specific needs and offer tailor-made solutions. But at the same time, the academy keeps focused to ensure cost-effectiveness in the managing of resources, simulation usage, and accurate planning.