Training experts gathered at ATM Seminar in Budapest

On April 11th and 12th Entry Point Central in cooperation with Montenegro CAA and HungaroControl hosted an international seminar on “ATM Training – a Key Enabler for the Successful Implementation of Single Pan-European Sky”. The seminar in Budapest was attended by more than 50 ATM professionals, national CAA officers and training experts coming from 14 countries including Croatia, Georgia, Iceland, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, France, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Montenegro, Kosovo, Slovakia etc.

This first seminar gave an excellent opportunity to hear the latest news and developments on ATM training from top organisations such as EASA, SESAR JU and IFATCA representatives as well as practical implementation examples from several countries. The seminar generated many fruitful discussions and sharing of experiences between various countries’ representatives.

The seminar was a great success and was seen as an important step into improving future cooperation on ATM training between the training organisations.
ATM Training Seminar at Entry Point Central, 11-12 April, Budapest