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All of our courses follow a personalised approach to training, ensuring that our students finish their education with the skills, confidence, and mindset they need to perform at the highest level. In addition to training, we will gladly support your organisation through our consultancy, simulator, and recruitment & selection services. We can deliver our training and services at any of our training centres, online, or at your site.

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Safety Critical Incident Stress Management

Assisting Individuals In Crisis

This course teaches participants the fundamentals of, and a specific protocol for, individual crisis intervention in a peer-to-peer environment, to provide psychological support to colleagues going through crisis.
Safety Critical Incident Stress Management

Basic Group Crisis Intervention

This course presents core elements of a comprehensive, systematic and multi-component crisis intervention curriculum, and prepares participants to understand a wide range of crisis intervention services.
Safety Critical Incident Stress Management

Advanced Group Crisis Intervention

This course provides participants with the latest information on Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) techniques and post-trauma syndromes. It prepares them for complex CISM responses to groups who have endured a major and difficult crisis in the work environment.
Safety Additional Safety Training

Stress Fatigue Management

This course enables participants to recognize, understand and cope with stress and fatigue, both in their workplace and outside of it.
Safety Additional Safety Training

TRM Training

This course provides participants with knowledge and skills regarding the importance of good teamwork.
Safety Additional Safety Training

Applied Human Factors

Focusing on the human factor domain improves safety assessments and incident investigations where the human element can be difficult to address. 
Safety Accident/Incident Investigation

Accident/ incident Investigation In ATM

This course provides fundamental knowledge on both incident and accident investigation to safety professionals, operational staff, and future ATM accident/incident investigators.
Safety Safety Management

Just Culture

This course introduces participants to the concepts, language, and skills of the Just Culture framework.
Safety Risk Assessment

ATM Safety Case

This course gives participants knowledge of the safety case argument, the safety case framework in general, the common structure of safety and risk management, and the development within the safety domain.