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All of our courses follow a personalized approach to training, ensuring that our students finish their education with the skills, confidence, and mindset they need to perform at the highest level. In addition to training, we will gladly support your organisation through our consultancy, simulator, and recruitment & selection services. We can deliver our training and services at any of our training centres, online, or at your site.

Training & Services

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Additional Instructor & Assessor TrainingTeaching skills

Accredited Virtual Classroom Instructor

The course gives participants the skills and knowledge necessary to use available training tools and maintain high interest and motivation in a virtual classroom training session.
Additional ATM-Related Training

AIXM 5.1 Basic

This course enables current and future AIS/AIM Officers to study and apply the AIXM 5.1 UML Model.
Additional ATM-Related Training

AIXM 5.1 Advanced

After completion of this course, participants can list different computer models intended for aeronautical data storage and exchange, and explain UML concepts and describe geometries using GML.
Additional ATM-Related Training

Quality Assurance

After completion of this course, participants can differentiate, explain and apply Data Quality Assurance principles and procedures related to aeronautical data.
Additional Teaching skills

Train The Trainer

This course provides the participants with the knowledge and skills required to create and deliver effective training.
Additional Teaching skills

Train The Training Manager

The course provides managers from various training organisations with skills relevant to leading, supervising and managing training staff, and helps them create an effective and professional training organisation.
Additional ATM-Related TrainingAdditional ATC Training

Flexible use of airspace

This course describes the Flexible Use of Airspace concept as a way of increasing airspace capacity, and explains the military/civil coordination concerning airspace allocations. The course also explains the three different levels of airspace management and tools that are used.
Additional Teaching skills

Interview Techniques

The course provides participants with basic knowledge of interview techniques and lets them practice the skills needed to conduct a structured competency-based interview.