Training & Services

All of our courses follow a personalized approach to training, ensuring that our students finish their education with the skills, confidence, and mindset they need to perform at the highest level. In addition to training, we will gladly support your organisation through our consultancy, simulator, and recruitment & selection services. We can deliver our training and services at any of our training centres, online, or at your site.

Training & Services

ATC Initial Training – ICAO

Area Control & Approach Control – Non-Radar (procedural), ICAO 053 & 055

This course gives students from non-European Air Navigation Service Providers the knowledge and skills they need to work as Air Traffic Controllers in an Approach Control Procedural environment and Area Control Procedural environment. The course can also serve as further…
ATC Unit Training

Transitional Training

This course is designed for student/trainee air traffic controllers, giving them knowledge and understanding of national site-specific operational procedures. Completing the course allows the participants to move on to Pre-on-the-Job Training.
ATC Unit Training


This course prepares students for the live complex and dense traffic situations they will encounter in their On-the-Job Training (OJT).
ATC Additional ATC Training

Civil-Military Cooperation

This course focuses on cooperation in shared airspace. It explains the benefits of sharing the airspace between military and civil aviation, based on the extensive and successful Scandinavian experience.
ATC Additional ATC Training

Parallel Runway Operations

This course describes independent and dependant parallel runway operations. It shows multiple runway operations optimizing traffic movements on a manoeuvring area, examples of terminal area layout and aerodrome layout from relevant aerodromes with parallel operations.
ATC Additional ATC Training

Speed Control

This course is designed for operational air traffic controllers, and improves their aerodrome landing capacity. After completion of this course, the students can provide enhanced spacing on final by using efficient vectoring and speed control.
ATC Continuation Training

Refresher Training

Refresher training reviews, reinforces, and upgrades participants’ existing knowledge and skills.
FIS Initial Training

Basic FIS

This course gives students a basic understanding of Air Navigation Services in general and Air Traffic Services specifically. It is designed for students who have been selected by Air Navigation Service Providers to become AFISOs in an en-route or aerodrome…
FIS Initial Training


This course is designed for students who have been selected by Air Navigation Service Providers to become Aerodrome Flight Information Officers.
FIS Initial Training


This course is designed for ab initio AFIS students and qualified AFISOs who will work at a unit with AFIS surveillance service. After completion of the course, the students can perform AFIS/HFIS with surveillance equipment safely, expeditiously, orderly, and according…
FIS Continuation Training

AFIS Refresher

This course refreshes the knowledge and skills of qualified AFIS operators.
ATCFIS Meteorological Training

Aeronautical Meteorological Observation

The training course aims to impart students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills to enable them to make fully standardised, accurate surface meteorological observations. It enables students to observe and note the parameters that make up METAR and MET report…