Training & Services

All of our courses follow a personalised approach to training, ensuring that our students finish their education with the skills, confidence, and mindset they need to perform at the highest level. In addition to training, we will gladly support your organisation through our consultancy, simulator, and recruitment & selection services. We can deliver our training and services at any of our training centres, online, or at your site.

Training & Services

ATSEP Instructor & Assessor Training

ATSEP OJTI and Assessor

This course prepares qualified ATSEP for the On-the-Job Training Instructor role and the competence assessor role.
ATSEP Additional ATSEP Training

ATSEP Infrastructure

This course gives participants a basic understanding of the infrastructure needed to support the complete ATM system. It also prepares them for System Equipment Rating Training, which is the next step in becoming an ATSEP.
ATSEP Instructor & Assessor Training

ATSEP OJTI Refresher

This course ensures that already competent ATSEP OJTIs maintain their knowledge and understanding, and even deepen it in various Human Factors objectives.
ATSEP Instructor & Assessor Training

ATSEP Assessor Refresher

The course ensures that already competent ATSEP assessors maintain their knowledge and understanding of safe and efficient assessment of colleagues and/or students in the operational environment.
ATSEPOnline Additional ATSEP Training

ATSEP Orientation

This course gives non-ATSEPs an introduction to the ATSEP field. It addresses personnel that might not be directly impacted by the ATSEP regulation Annex XIII Part-Pers in the regulation 373/2017, but who still are in a need of basic ATSEP…
ATSEPOnline Basic TrainingQualification Training

ATSEP Initial Courses (online)

Full Courses train the participant to become an ATSEP. Completion of a Full Course provides the participant with a Training Certificate for Basic, Shared and any chosen qualification domains.
ATSEPOnline ATSEP Refresher

ATSEP Refresher Courses (online)

Refresher Courses are for participants who already have a Training Certificate and require a competency check. Completion of Refresher Courses gives the participant a Training Certificate for Basic, Shared and any chosen qualification domains.
ATSEPOnline ATSEP Assessment Tools

ATSEP Assessment Tools (online)

There are different ways to assess competence levels. Question Service is one of our assessment tools with quizzes and examination questions for Basic, Shared and any chosen qualification domains.
Safety Accident/Incident Investigation

Accident/ incident Investigation In ATM

This course provides fundamental knowledge on both incident and accident investigation to safety professionals, operational staff, and future ATM accident/incident investigators.
Safety Safety Management

Just Culture

This course introduces participants to the concepts, language, and skills of the Just Culture framework.
Safety Risk Assessment

ATM Safety Case

This course gives participants knowledge of the safety case argument, the safety case framework in general, the common structure of safety and risk management, and the development within the safety domain.
Additional ATM-Related TrainingAdditional ATC Training

Flexible use of airspace

This course describes the Flexible Use of Airspace concept as a way of increasing airspace capacity, and explains the military/civil coordination concerning airspace allocations. The course also explains the three different levels of airspace management and tools that are used.