AMO course

AMO course
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Course code: AMO

Duration: 5 days

Course code: AMO

Duration: 5 days


AMO course

Course aim

The training course imparts students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills to enable them to make fully standardised, accurate surface meteorological observations. It enables students to observe and note the parameters that make up METAR and MET report messages, encode the observations in a standard format and transmit the coded information. The course is aimed at any air traffic services (ATS) personnel, whose duties include performing meteorological observations e.g. TWR controllers, AFIS operators, TWR assistants, apron controllers, etc.

Course objectives

After completing the course, the participants have:
  • Knowledge, skills and understanding to make accurate and standardised surface meteorological observations.
  • Skills to encode and reliably transmit the following: METARs, routine MET reports and SPECIs.

Course overview

The course duration includes five days of lectures and an examination. The course can be conducted as a stand-alone module or in conjunction with the Basic ATS or Basic ATC courses. The acquisition of necessary skills is achieved through a combination of theory training, practical examples and exercises.


The theory lessons cover key subjects such as observation techniques and encoding METARs, MET reports and SPECIs.

Practical training

Practical training includes meteorological observation and encoding exercises. This provides students with hands-on experience encoding different weather situations and making reliable MET observations.


Students should have completed a Basic ATS or Basic ATC course at Entry Point North or another recognised training academy. If neither of the before mentioned courses have been taken, an additional five days of basic meteorological theory training is recommended and can be offered.

Compliance with regulations

The course is compliant with the recommendations of the guidelines for the education and training of personnel in meteorology and operational hydrology - requirements of World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) for aeronautical meteorological personnel.

The course is designed in cooperation with Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI).

Content in brief


An introduction to the course objectives, content, organisation and training methods.

Observation techniques

Theoretical lessons and practical exercises on observational techniques for creating a meteorological message.


Theoretical lessons and practical exercises on encoding and transmitting meteorological reports: metreport, METAR and SPECI.


Progress tests & final examination.

Course benefits

  • PREMIUM training quality. Modern training philosophy, tools and methods.
  • MOBILITY. The course can be delivered almost anywhere according to the wish of the customer.
  • COST EFFICIENCY. The course is only 5 working days including examination day.
  • FLEXIBILITY. A tailor made course including additional objectives according to customer needs can be offered.
  • COMPLETENESS. At Entry Point North we offer a complete package for AFIS personnel training: Basic ATS, AFIS or AFIS with radar, MET-OBS, OJTI, OJTI Refresher etc.
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