Aerodrome Flight Information Service

Aerodrome Flight Information Service
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Course code: AFIS

Duration: 5 weeks

Course code: AFIS

Duration: 5 weeks


Aerodrome Flight Information Service

Aerodrome Flight Information Service course aim

This course imparts knowledge and skills to the students that enable them to qualify for further training or unit training to become an Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officer (AFISO). The content is in line with the AFIS service described in the Eurocontrol AFIS manual and the ICAO AFIS manual 2018.

Course objectives

After completing the course, the participants have:
  • Knowledge, skills and understanding in accordance with the course content (see Content in brief).
  • The skills to handle traffic safely and according to rules and regulations.
  • The skills to provide an orderly and expeditious aerodrome flight information service in an AFIS tower environment.

Course overview

Theoretical & practical training

The training is divided into five phases with a blend of theoretical and practical training with increasing degrees of difficulty (see Content in brief).

Theoretical events are followed by practical applications in a simulator. The aim of the theoretical lessons is to prepare the students for the simulator training as well as for future challenges in the AFIS tower. Theoretical lessons include training in human factors such as professional conduct, CISM and TRM/ CRM as well as training in AFIS related tasks such as ALRS, FIS, snow procedures, and aircraft performance.

Simulator training

The simulator training is conducted in a 3D tower simulator and consists of individual exercises with increasing difficulty. The airspace/aerodrome is generic and simulates traffic in an AFIS environment, with one active aerodrome with single runway operations. The simulator exercises include varying traffic and weather conditions as well as training in emergency/ unusual situations.


Approved results from the Basic ATC course or Basic ATS course taken at Entry Point North or other equivalent course.

Compliance with regulations

  • The Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS) training course is compliant with upcoming recommendations from EUROCONTROL regarding the AFIS service.
  • Approved by the Swedish CAA.

Content in brief


Theoretical lessons in subjects covering: AFIS duties, traffic information, meteorology, aircraft operations, winter operations, alerting service, contingencies & accident investigation, emergency situations & unlawful interference, TRM/ CRM, professional conduct and CISM.

Simulation preparation

Theoretical reviews and practical examples in preparation for simulation exercises, including practical exercises.

Simulator training

Arriving and departing IFR traffic.
Arriving and departing IFR and VFR, vehicles on the maneuvering area.
Arriving and departing IFR and VFR traffic, vehicles on the manoeuvring area, crossing traffic and traffic without flight plan. Change of runway and varying time of day.
Arriving and departing IFR and VFR traffic, vehicles on the manoeuvring area, crossing traffic and traffic without flight plan. Diversions and missed approaches initiated by shifting and difficult weather situations including poor visibility and snow clearance.
System degradation, unusual/emergency situations e.g. com-failure, towing, runway incursion, diverting emergency landing, aborted take-off, aborted landing, smoke in cabin, landing gear failure etc. Procedures following an incident/accident. Using the ATIR form.


  • Final written test
  • Practical evaluation throughout the entire module

Feedback to students

The instructors and course supervisor provides continuous feedback on performance according to OJTI model.


Including course graduation ceremony.
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