Aerodrome Flight Information Service Refresher

Aerodrome Flight Information Service Refresher
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Course code: AFIS Ref

Duration: 2 days (or customised)

Course code: AFIS Ref

Duration: 2 days (or customised)


Aerodrome Flight Information Service Refresher

Course aim

The daily duty as an Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officer (AFISO) often means working alone in a tower with limited options for personal development and sharing experiences with colleagues and officers in other units.

The Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS) Refresher course is designed for AFIS officers to refresh their operational knowledge and skills and present the latest developments within AFIS. The course aims to provide the participants with a deeper knowledge of both limitations and reactions to different situations, during normal operations as well as unusual events. It also aims to impart the understanding of the cooperation between the AFIS operator and the pilot.

The course can be tailor-made to meet any specific customer requirements.

Course objectives

After completing the course, the participants have:
  • A better understanding of how performance is affected under stressful situations and how stress affects their communication and interaction with others.
  • Skills of handling different unusual situations and emergencies.
  • Other knowledge and skills of the customer's interest (see 'Course overview' for suggested topics)


It is recommended that participants have a minimum of 3 years operational experience as an AFIS operator.

Course overview

All training is delivered by professional instructors. The basic course duration is two days of practical training and can be expanded by adding theoretical lessons and simulator exercises according to the customer's needs and wishes. For example, additional topics can provide participants with:
  • A better understanding of the workload in the cockpit, pilot expectations and requirements and cooperation between the pilot and the AFIS operator.
  • Refreshed knowledge about general aircraft performance and limitations.
  • Updated knowledge on the current rules and procedures regarding reporting, coding and dissemination of weather information.
  • Updated knowledge on the latest developments within AFIS.
  • Refreshed knowledge about hazardous meteorological phenomena.
  • A better understanding of the value of safety management systems and the “just culture” concept.


Theoretical subjects can include: international rules regarding AFIS, national AFIS regulation, human factors, just culture, AMO (aeronautical meteorological observation) refresher, phraseology, AFIS SUR operations, remote TWR operations, performance based navigation, and UAV. These are subject examples only, other topics can be covered during the course to meet any specific needs of a customer.

Simulator training

The simulator training is conducted in a 3D tower simulator and consists of individual exercises. The airspace and aerodrome can be generic or, if requested, a replication of a local airspace and aerodrome enabling participants to use their local instructions and checklists.

The generic aerodrome simulates traffic in an AFIS environment - one active aerodrome with single runway operations. The simulator exercises include varying traffic and weather conditions as well as training in emergency/unusual situations.

Compliance with regulations

The EUROCONTROL manual for Aerodrome Flight information Service (AFIS) says that to be able to maintain their competence, AFIS officers shall complete a periodical refresher training and training in emergency/unusual situations. The course is also compliant with recommendations in the ICAO AFIS manual.
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