Air Traffic Services

Air Traffic Services
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Course code: BASIC ATS

Duration: 8 weeks

Course code: BASIC ATS

Duration: 8 weeks


Air Traffic Services

Course aim

Our Basic ATS course is designed to give students a basic knowledge and understanding of the work in air traffic services (ATS). The course is suitable as a basic platform for a wide range of different professions within air navigation services (ANS), such as: ATCO assistant, AIS officer, flight data operator, NOTAM office officer, AFIS operator, and information officer. Students can reach proficiency in the field either by following local training or by adding the necessary rating course. Entry Point North’s rating courses include: Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS), Flight Information Service Procedural (FFP) and Flight Information Surveillance (FFS).

Course objectives

After completing the Basic ATS course, the participants have:
  • Knowledge, skills and understanding in accordance with the course content (see Content in brief).
  • Basic knowledge of traffic handling procedures in air traffic services.
  • Basic knowledge about air traffic control support services such as ATCO assistant, flight data officer and briefing officer.

Course overview

The Basic ATS course is mainly theoretical but is, where necessary, followed by practical exercises or study visits. The theoretical lessons include training in human factors: professional conduct, CISM and TRM/CRM. Additionally the course covers, as well as training in equipment, aircraft, aviation law, air traffic management, navigation and meteorology.


  • The student has at least a secondary school diploma.
  • As the lessons and all teaching material is in English, a good degree of knowledge and understanding of the language is desirable.
  • Because the students will become an important part of the ANS, a testing procedure to check attitude and suitability is recommended.

Compliance with regulations

  • Partly compliant with EUROCONTROL AIS training development guidelines edition 1.0.
  • Partly compliant with Eurocontrol specifications for the ATCO Common Core Content, Initial training, basic syllabus, edition 1.0.
  • Partly compliant with Eurocontrol guidelines for the ATCO Common Core Content, Initial training, basic training syllabus, edition 2.0.
  • Approved by the Swedish CAA.

Content in Brief


Introduction to the course including team resourse management, learning techniques and safety and security issues.

Aviation law

Abbreviations and codes, environmental protection, publications and conventions, ANS organisation, Flight plan and ATS messages, safety regulation, airspace users, international organisations, flight progress displays, rules of the air and AIS.


Earth properties, grid systems, wind, speed, magnetism, maps and charts, gliding distance, VFR and IFR navigation including navigation simulation.

Air traffic management

Aerodrome, ASM, altimetry, ATCO duties, AFIS, phraseology, co-ordination, ALRS, FIS, ATCO assistant and ATFCM.


Aircraft recognition, basic aircraft knowledge, principles of flight, pilot control, aircraft engines, aircraft instruments and aircraft performance.


Information systems, radio, radar, advanced equipment.

Human factors

Teamwork, stress management, human performance, human error, communication, ergonomics, CISM.


Air pressure, the atmosphere, visibility, clouds, weather phenomena, wind and turbulence, air masses and frontal systems, met MET messages and meteorological services.

Study visit

Study visits to ACC, TWR, AIS, FIS, FDO and other locations to enhance the learning experience.


Progress tests and final test. Students’ attitude and behaviour are also evaluated.

Feedback to students

The instructors and course supervisors provide continuous feedback on performance according to the OJTI model.
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