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Course code: CT

Duration: 1-3 days

Course code: CT

Duration: 1-3 days


Course aim

The aim of the Classroom Techniques course is to provide the participants with the necessary skills and knowledge required to effectively deliver classroom training, whether it is a stand-alone lesson or series of lessons as part of a bigger training program. The course includes theoretical and practical subjects in planning, developing and delivering successful and inspirational classroom lessons for adults.

Course objectives

After completing the course, participants have:
  • Knowledge on how to plan, deliver and evaluate an effective, educational and inspirational classroom lesson
  • An understanding of adult learning theories and how to convert them into successful classroom lessons for adult participants
  • Knowledge of classroom management and how to achieve a motivational and educational flow
  • An understanding of group dynamics - how to make the class work constructively together
  • An understanding of how to cope with different challenges within the group and in the classroom
  • Knowledge of various tools to utilise within the classroom environment
  • Knowledge of tools useful for the evaluation of the actual learning
  • Developed his or her individual skills and capabilities to deliver successful classroom lessons

Course overview

The training is divided into theory lessons, discussions, group work and practical exercises. The practical aspect of the course allows participants to learn from their own actual experiences as well as from each other.

The training course is designed to give participants the skills required to handle a classroom teaching in their own professional competence area. Entry Point North can customise the training course according to the participants’ needs in order to stress the aspects that require special attention.

Each participant will be able to put into practice the theory they have learnt and provide classroom lessons in front of an audience i.e. the other participants. The practical exercises consist of video recorded classroom sessions followed by individual debriefing, personal feedback and coaching.

Compliance with regulations

  • Entry Point North is a certified training academy by Swedish CAA recognised by all EU member states.
  • The Classroom Techniques course methodology and tools are based upon long-term experience of air traffic management development training and best practices.

Content in brief


The structure, content and principles of the Classroom Techniques course.

Human factors

  • Theories regarding adult learning, learning psychology and learning styles
  • Learning methodology; stages, levels and barriers for learning
  • Communication, verbal and non-verbal
  • Motivational theories that apply to both teachers and students
  • Giving and receiving feedback


  • Educational goals and objectives, focus and limitations
  • Taking into consideration participants’ background experience and knowledge during the planning
  • Pedagogical considerations: lesson planning tools, detailed lesson plans, time and activities
  • Planning of a course: length of lessons, number of lessons etc.
  • Evaluation of lessons and courses, student reaction and feedback

Classroom management

  • Teaching principles and potentials
  • Involvement, facilitation, discussions, exercises, group exercises etc.
  • Physical and psychological learning environment
  • Conflict solving in the classroom, resistance and how to move forward

Tools in the classroom

  • Power Point, Flip chart, Whiteboard etc.
  • How to use group exercises, discussions in pairs, individual reflection etc.
  • Case studies, student presentations, role play
  • Student material, “icebreakers”, other tools

The teacher

  • Personal communication and roles
  • Teaching styles
  • Developing a personal teaching style
  • Relationship between teacher and students
  • Appreciation of self-evaluation as a classroom teacher

Practical exercises

To ensure a progressive learning process for the course participants and to make sure they acquire useful skills within the subjects, the theory lessons are combined with practical exercises and role play followed by debriefing and personal feedback.

Additional courses

Other valuable courses for the continuous enhancement of the educational trainer offered by Entry Point North are:

Course benefits

PREMIUM TRAINING QUALITY. Modern training philosophy, tools and methods including personal coaching.
MOBILITY. The course can be delivered almost anywhere according to the wish of the customer.
FLEXIBILITY. A tailor made course according to customer needs can be offered.
COURSE MATERIAL. Specific and easy to use course material will be useful for participants when performing their actual tasks back at their unit.
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